Haters Will Say It’s Photoshopped: Kirk Franklin And Plies Kill The Rumors

Legendary gospel musician Kirk Franklin has once again addressed the long-running joke about his uncanny resemblance to Grammy-winning rapper Plies. Sitting down with The Breakfast Club co-host Angela Yee, Franklin tried to prove that he’s not actually the same person as Plies.

During the interview, the gospel artist engaged in a video chat with Plies to prove his case.

“I am not he, and he is not I,” Franklin said while showing the camera to the audience to make his statement clear.

The two artists then held a brief discussion about their efforts to help Florida residents who were recently impacted by Hurricane Ian.

“Listen, man, we’re going to do something for Florida, right?” Franklin said. “So me and my twin, we’re coming to Florida and we gonna help the people. Help’s coming from the Franklin boys.”

Yee indicated that the two artists are actually linked in more ways than they may realize.

“I don’t like how if Kirk Franklin gets mad they act like he turns into you,” she said to Plies.


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Franklin has been asked about his resemblance to Plies multiple times through the years.

In 2015, the gospel singer said he never goes to the same places as Plies and the pair have never met, HITC reports. The two artists later engaged in an Instagram conversation when Plies invited Franklin to a strip club.

“Y’all tell Kirk Franklin I say I wanna take him to King of Diamonds. He can go in, he ain’t even gotta get no dancers, he can go right in and turn back around and go take him a holy bath.” The rapper added, “Kirk, listen, you got to go to King of Diamonds with me and I’ll go church with you, an even swap.”

Franklin responded with a counter-offer.

“Next time I’m in Miami, you gotta come to a Baptist church with me, and sit through a three-hour church service with tambourines and a church cookout,” he said. “And then, I may walk by the club. I may walk on the parking lot and just walk on the curb.”