This Haunted House Is so Intense They Make You Sign a Waiver

On today's edition of #nightmareshit, there's a haunted house that is supposedly so intense, they won't even let you in until you've signed a waiver releasing the place from responsibility if you're traumatized, injured, scarred for life or otherwise messed up by what happens inside.

It's called The 17th Door, and once you're inside there's no way of getting out unless you know the safe word "mercy," according to Newsweek.

The Tustin, California haunt has reportedly had about 350 people use the word since it opened its doors for the first time about two weeks back.

It takes more than 30 minutes to make it through the house's 17 rooms, making it one of the longest haunted house experiences in the U.S. According to the FAQ on their website, "the actors may grab you and some things may fall on top of you. You may also get wet."

The back story is that once you enter you're inside the house you've entered the mind of Paula, a severely disturbed college student who is apparently losing her shit.

From the official site:

Come walk with Paula for over 30 minutes through The University and its seventeen rooms of psychological terror… A place so sinister that the personal demons of her past take pig form and roam the campus waiting to haunt her. In this decrepit institution, where evil breeds unchecked, go along with Paula as her life falls hard and fast down a spiral of torture: uncontrollable purging, excessive abuse and bodily harm. Try to calm your senses and gather your courage as you progress from room to room because under the disturbed and watchful eye of this monstrous school, each space tests your emotions and endurance more than the last.

At least they're keeping it indoors.

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