How HAVAH is Fixing Fast Fashion

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By now you’ve heard of fast fashion, but what exactly does it mean? Fast fashion refers to clothing based on the latest trends, with brands like Zara and H&M being some of the biggest names. Fast fashion may be popular, but is it worth it?

The concept of fast fashion is to provide trendy clothing at low prices. The items are not meant to last, meaning they quickly end up being thrown away. With the ever-increasing popularity of social media and not wanting to repeat outfits, consumers are always looking for stylish options without the high price tag.

The fashion industry needs to make a change, as it is the second-largest polluter in the world. Three out of every five pieces of activewear end up in a landfill, and HAVAH is looking to fix that.

HAVAH is a brand of sustainable activewear designed specifically with dancers in mind. What sets HAVAH apart from its competitors is that it is the only activewear brand in the world that offers a lifetime product warranty. Providing a lifetime product warranty ensures the product gets back to HAVAH for recycling and given a second life.

Sustainability plays a big part in HAVAH’s mission. All the inks used are water-based and chemical-free, and those pesky tags inside your clothing? Gone. Not only are those typically cut out for being annoying to the wearer, but they end up getting tossed, adding to unnecessary waste. In place of the tag, HAVAH prints the logo directly on the inside of the garment.

Overproduction is a large contributor of waste from the fashion industry. Big retailers typically burn or toss their excessive inventory, allotting for 92 million tons of textile waste each year. HAVAH avoids this issue by handmaking each order. By doing so, HAVAH controls its inventory and avoids over-production and textile waste.

While the fashion industry has a long way to go, brands like HAVAH show that sustainability can coexist with stylish activewear.

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