New Haven Schools: Since Monday, 37 Have Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

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NEW HAVEN, CT — Since Monday, 37 people in the schools are confirmed to have COVID-19, according to schools spokesperson Justin Harmon.

Contract tracing resulted in another 131 people in quarantine, Harmon noted in a news release Friday afternoon

Here’s the confirmed COVID-19 breakdown by school and number that are quarantining.

  • Nine confirmed cases at Fair Haven School, eight additional quarantining

  • One case at Conte West Hills Magnet School, six quarantining

  • One case at Barack Obama Magnet University School, five quarantining

  • Two cases at John C. Daniels School of International Communication, three quarantining

  • One case at Truman School, five quarantining

  • Two cases at Celentano BioTech, Health and Medical Magnet School, none quarantining

  • Two cases at King/Robinson School, none quarantining

  • One case at Family Academy of Multilingual Exploration, four quarantining

  • Three cases at Ross Woodward Classical Studies School, 14 quarantining

  • Two cases at Benjamin Jepson School, 10 quarantining

  • Two cases at Wexler/Grant Community School, 10 quarantining

  • Two cases at John S. Martinez Sea and Sky STEM Magnet School, two quarantining

  • Two cases at Lincoln-Bassett School, 19 quarantining

  • One case at Brennan Rogers School of Communication and Media, five quarantining

  • One case at Davis Academy for Arts and Design Innovation, five quarantining

  • Three cases at Edgewood Creative Thinking through STEAM Magnet School, 25 quarantining

  • One case at Dr. Reginald Mayo Early Learning Center, 10 quarantining

  • One case at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, none quarantining

The New Haven Public Schools follow CDC guidance and Connecticut state mandates in the management of suspected COVID cases.

This article originally appeared on the New Haven Patch

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