Havertown, Pa. businesses slowly bouncing back after COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses in Havertown are slowly bouncing as the COVID-19 pandemic moves into its second year.

Video Transcript

- When the COVID-19 pandemic forced all non-essential businesses to shut down last March, small business owners really felt the pain. We know that. Now, as the pandemic moves into its second year, those who were able to endure the struggle are optimistic about the future. Photojournalist Dan Sheridan brings us the story from Havertown.

JAMES WURSTER: I describe this place as a community place. It's a social gathering place, whether it's music or coffee. It was pre-COVID. It was a great spot for people, families, to come in and have fun with one another.

When the pandemic first hit, we cut back on things, cut back on hours, cut back on people. We were hoping to ride it all out, so that's still what everybody is hopeful about. The sign says, please, pay what you can afford. This, hopefully, helps people understand that they don't have to pay everything as list price. This is trying to do good, and we are.

JESSE DAVIS: All right, I want you to do five on each side.

The past year has really been a roller coaster. When it came, and the reaction to it was more than I expected. When the pandemic began, it was emotionally very, very challenging. Initially, we shut down, and we closed down for quite some time.

All right, last one.

We've added a double Hepa filtration system, which double filters the air that's going through the system. We sanitize everything, and we try to keep people in their own areas. Whatever I can do to help people feel more comfortable and be in a safe environment, so they can enjoy the workout. So they can feel like they're alive, again, and that's what I'm hearing.

RITA MILLER: We've been in the business for so many years. We know everybody personally.

How's everything?

- I'm doing good.

RITA MILLER: The last year, because of the pandemic, it has been not very good. They literally shut us down for four solid months. It is always four barbers on. I am very lucky that we have been able to go on a skeleton crew, even though we're just taking a day each. Wash your hands between every customer, sanitize everything. We take temperature. We are nowhere near as being back to normal, but every day, it gets better and better.

- That's all we can hope for, better and better each day. That was photojournalist Dan Sheridan with that story.