Hawaii baggage handler filmed dancing on tarmac while directing plane

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The view out of the plane window before take-off isn’t usually very exciting: probably other planes, baggage carts and the terminal building.

But if you’re flying in or out of Hawaii, you might find an airport worker with some killer dance moves.

Luu Vailuu, who works for Hawaiian Airlines at Honolulu International Airport, was spotted dancing on the tarmac while passengers waited for take-off.

Passenger Tiffany Gataniss recorded his dance routine and shared it on social media, where it has had more than 564,000 views.

In the footage, Vailuu can be spotted sashaying on the tarmac after waving to passengers onboard.

Fellow passengers can be heard laughing, saying, “he’s putting on a show”.

“Every time I do something, I always see a phone sticking out,” Vailuu told BuzzFeed News.

“I feel blessed. I’m just living life and being me.”

Vailuu isn’t any less enthusiastic when documenting his job on Instagram, sharing a number of photos of himself posing on the baggage belt.

Vailuu isn’t the first dancer to be spotted throwing some shapes while working on the airport tarmac.

Jamaul Allen, a ramp agent at Toronto Pearson International Airport, often pulls dance moves for his passengers when directing an aircraft to the runway. He calls himself the “YYZ dancer”.