Hawaii to ease virus rules for arriving travelers

Despite increasing coronavirus cases across the U.S., Hawaii officials hope to reboot tourism next week by loosening months of economically crippling pandemic restrictions, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all arriving travelers. (Oct. 7)

Video Transcript


JOSH GREEN; It's important that people know we welcome them, as long as they've gotten their test.

GLENN WAKAI: I think the idea of having people pre-tested 72 hours before departure is a good first step, but it's still a plan that is full of holes.

You know, we can't control the people that-- that San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle sends us. But we in Hawaii have total control over our airports, and we should really use that as a backstop to make sure that we are bringing and inviting people here to Hawaii who are not going to infect the local community.

JOSH GREEN: We are doing a lot more testing of our hotel workers. That's part of the plan. We're going to do a lot more screening in our state, probably about four times as much screening by the time we get deep into the holiday season. So all these things bode well for us to keep the virus at bay.