Hawaii has sent 19 visitors back home for failing to self-quarantine

Big Island, Hawaii
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Visitors to Hawaii who violate orders to self-quarantine could be sent back to the airport to fly right back home.

The draw of Hawaii's paradisiacal beaches and lush rainforests are too strong for some visitors, it seems. So far, the government of Hawaii says $25,000 has been spent on airfare to send 19 visitors who tried to take advantage of empty beaches and cheap airfares back to their airport of origin in the US.

The money came from the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii -- which assists visitors facing difficulty -- via funding from the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

The offenders who were sent back to mainland USA include a pair from San Diego who were arrested for violating quarantine and a woman from Los Angeles who outed herself after posting her outdoor activities in Hawaii on social media.

"During this unprecedented public health crisis, we are supporting the return of individuals who arrive from the mainland, who do not have pre-arranged lodging and may need financial assistance for their return flights," said VASH President and CEO Jessica Lani Rich in a statement.

The latest figures show that on Saturday alone, 542 people arrived at Hawaii airports, 200 of whom were returning residents, 135 new visitors.

Travelers returning from out of state are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.