Hawks star Young out due to illness

Atlanta Hawks star point guard Trae Young missed Friday night's game with the host Washington Wizards due to flu-like symptoms.

Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce said Young was not at the arena and remained at the team hotel. Pierce said the illness didn't rate as a major concern.

"There's no respiratory issues, he just didn't feel well," Pierce told reporters about an hour before tipoff. "Just needing more rest, and why bring him down here to try and rest him when we can keep him at the hotel. ...

"There's nothing, I don't think, overly concerning for us. Just needing to get him some rest, and the best way is to keep him at the hotel."

In the wake of the coronavirus spreading internationally, there was plenty of online activity regarding Young's absence from the team.

The All-Star guard attempted to put that to rest with a comment on Twitter.

"I ain't THAT sick y'all... Relax lol"

Young, 21, is averaging 29.6 points and 9.3 assists in 57 games this season.

--Field Level Media