Hawthorne Police Investigating Shooting Death Of Teenager Early Sunday Morning

Two people were shot in the early morning hours on Cerise Avenue in the City of Hawthorne. Both victims were transported to the hospital and one was pronounced dead. LA County Sheriff's homicide investigators are assisting Hawthorne Police with the investigation, and anyone with any information is urged to contact 'Crime Stoppers' at (800)222-TIPS. Joy Benedict reports.

Video Transcript

SERENE BRANSON: Police are investigating a double shooting in Hawthorne this morning after a teenager was killed. It all happened at 12:30 AM on Cerise and Rosecrans Avenue. And that's where we find KCAL 9's Joy Benedict who's live for us this morning with details. Good morning, Joy.

JOY BENEDICT: Good morning, Serene. Yeah, certainly a very sad situation out here as we have learned that one teenager died. Another one was shot in the leg but is expected to be OK. But it all happened here on this street in Cerise. We are just a few feet away from Rosecrans as you mentioned. However, the shooting may have happened here. They didn't receive help until almost a mile away as someone was trying to drive them to safety.

Take a look at this video from where the car, itself, stopped-- as I mentioned-- about a mile or so away over there on Crenshaw. Investigators tell me that someone was trying to drive the two people shot to safety when they ended up seeing a police car with Gardena. They ended up flagging down that officer. And they brought the help to them instead. Unfortunately, both the young men-- both teenagers, we are told, were taken to the hospital. One of them did not survive. The other one was shot in the leg and has already been released and is expected to be OK.

But as for what prompted this shooting, that does remain under investigation. But folks who live here, in this neighborhood, tell me that there's some sort of a music studio over here in this building to my left. And that is, in fact, where the two young people were last night. They say there was some sort of an argument earlier in the evening. And then when they got done at that studio and came out, that's when-- neighbors tell me that someone walked up to the two young men and simply opened fire.

So certainly a very sad situation that does remain under investigation out here this morning. I am also told that investigators have been talking to neighbors and those who work here in this community, trying to see if anyone has any security video of that shooting. But I haven't heard of any being available at this time. But, again, the shooting itself remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as well as the Hawthorne Police Department. So if you have any information, you are urged to contact either of those agencies. And, of course, we'll continue to follow this story as more information becomes available, Serene. And, still, we don't know anything about the young man-- the teenager who died here early this morning. I'll send it back to you.