Hazleton teen achieves perfect score on college-level exam

EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — A perfect score on a very difficult college-level exam surprised a Hazleton Area student who was recently honored by his school, teachers, and a state representative.

It’s not easy achieving perfection but a teen from the Hazleton Area did achieve perfection on a college-level advanced placement Spanish exam taken in the spring of 2022.

“Oh wow like this really happened.”

That is the reaction of Daurys Ramirez Dejesus after learning he scored a perfect score on his advanced placement Spanish test at Hazleton Area High School.

He is a freshman at the University of Scranton,

28/22 News met him on campus to talk about being one of only 247 students worldwide to earn the honor. He didn’t get a single question wrong on the written and oral parts of the exam.

“After I started my freshmen year in college I found out that I had a perfect score in that. I kind of just saw the email and was like oh wow this is cool,” explained Daurys Ramirez Dejesus,

Dejesus said he had no idea about what that perfect score would mean.

Recently he was invited back to Hazleton Area High School, where he was presented with an award for his achievement.

“Seeing everyone and how proud they were of me, the school spirit, going back it was really, I was like oh so this is really, really a big deal,” Dejesus said.

He was honored by Pennsylvania State Representative Dane Watro.

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“I also met with the state representative, and we did this whole thing in the school library which was a cool experience, I got to see my two Spanish teachers,” Dejesus added.

Representative Watro says this achievement is worth recognizing because a perfect score does not come easy.

“It was a day of celebration for everybody. It’s important because he really takes a lot of sincere value in what he does and puts in so we’re all just all proud of him,” said State Representative Dane Watro, district 116.

Although he has a background in Spanish, he says he had a lot to learn and his family was a big help.

He credits his mom and sister for helping him keep his Dominican heritage alive by always speaking Spanish at home.

“In the Dominican Republic we have our own dialect of Spanish, but the test uses a more academic or more like the Spain version of Spanish,” Dejesus contained.

Outside of his studies, Daurys is a member of the club volleyball team at the University of Scranton.

Daurys is now a freshman at the University of Scranton where he is a double major in computer science and philosophy.

Here’s to you Daurys!

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