Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Administration shows off armoured car he bought from invaders

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The Mykolaiv Oblast authorities have purchased a Tigr armoured car which belonged to the Russian army for US$5,000 - and they have offered to buy from the Russian military any other equipment that they have.

Source: Vitalii Kim, head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration; Vanek Nikolaev on Telegram

Quote by Kim: "We have restocked our equipment as a result of a ‘special operation’. This is our third Tigr, but it’s the first one [we’ve acquired] according to this procedure. This Tigr was purchased, not seized.

It’s much easier for the Russians not to buy a Lada for ‘funeral benefits’; instead they can sell us their equipment, stay alive, return home - and buy that Lada themselves." [Relatives of Russian soldiers killed in action reportedly get a Lada as compensation - ed.]

Details: Vanek Nikolaev’s Telegram channel reported that Vitalii Kim paid US$5,000 for the Tigr.

There are instructions on how to hand equipment over to Ukraine, and a price list:

  • Tank –  US$50,000

  • BMP, BMD, etc. – US$25,000

  • MLRS –  US$15,000

  • Self-propelled guns, etc. – US$10,000

  • Armoured vehicles – US$5,000

It is alleged that several other "special operations" of this kind are already in progress. The Tigr was apparently handed over to Ukraine by a Russian serviceman.

Quote from Vanek Nikolaev: "A ‘brave hero’ reached out to me, and as soon as we made sure that the money had been transferred, and the hero was already ‘safe’, we posted the result. The Tigr will undergo a little rehabilitation and will be prepared for combat."

Details: Earlier, Vanek reported that the first "special operation" to hand over Russian equipment took place on 30 August in the area of Vysokopillia. "No one framed the soldiers, and they left with a clear conscience, having done their duty; no one forced them to surrender. The whole thing was anonymous," the Telegram channel reported.

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