Headed To The O's Game Today? Here's What You Can Expect

A lucky 11,000 fans will be able to watch the Orioles game in person Thursday

Video Transcript


- It is opening day at Camden Yards. It's 6:35, and we are all getting ready for the excitement.

- Yes, in just hours, 11,000 lucky fans will get to see the O's take on the Red Sox.

- And among that 11,000, well, there are two that we've been joined by this morning, meteorologist Meg McNamara and Sean Streicher, our weekend morning team. They are there. And you two have found food so far. You've talked to the bird. And I can't wait to see what you're doing now.

SEAN STREICHER: Well, we're going to get you ready, OK? We want you to be informed if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, one of the 11,000 fans to come down today to watch. And there's a couple things you need to know. There's a couple minor changes.

MEG MCNAMARA: Yes, and some of them for safety, and some of them also just convenient. So to the new things. Everything here at Camden Yards, cashless. So don't bother bringing your cash. It's all cashless now. And convenient mobile ordering. So I'm all about getting food and getting it quickly. So I'm excited about this mobile ordering option here.

So just different ways that they are trying to make it safe for everybody. And we'll go with whatever safety protocols are in place because we're just excited to be down here in person.

SEAN STREICHER: And keep in mind, the tickets this year are digital.


SEAN STREICHER: Do not print them out. You need to use your phone. They do have free Wi-Fi if you get here. You need to load your ticket.

Also, you can't bring a bag into the stadium this year. That's, again, to make things go quicker so that you can get in. You can get to your seat, and you can get that game started. You don't want to miss a second of the game today. Of course, taking the mound, Matt Harvey.

MEG MCNAMARA: Yes, the Dark Knight. What a nickname.

SEAN STREICHER: Look at you. You knew it.

MEG MCNAMARA: Yeah, just popping off with my baseball facts.