'Headless' 2-year-old girl goes viral for her creepy Halloween costume

A young Filipina girl quite literally turned heads with her inventive Halloween costume. 

Maya, 2, went viral last year with her wild holiday getup, which seemingly showed the child holding her own severed head in her hands.

Her mother, Krystel Hwang, shared footage of her daughter's outfit, which she made by hand, on Facebook, where it has since been viewed over 25 million times. 

Another video of the spooky costume shows Maya and her 6-year-old sister, Charlie, trick-or-treating together in Parañaque City, located in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

Naturally, Charlie's costume complimented her sister's to a T — she was dressed a butcher, complete with a large fake knife. 

The girls' mother, a baker who specializes in elaborate theme cakes, told Filipino outlet Coconuts Manilla that she loves to "go all out" on her daughters' Halloween costumes and also strives to involve them in the process.

"I ask them questions," Hwang said. "I want them to be creative and resourceful at the same time. It's a learning experience for all of us."

Although Maya and Charlie's tandem costume left internet users spooked, Hwang explained that both of her daughters have no fear over their getups.

"They're not scared because we made the costume together and my kids have watched Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube," she said. "They know it's fake and it’s all makeup."

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