Headlines in History 1947: Blaze causes two model cars to drop from display into basement

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Headlines in History
Headlines in History

What was making news in our area during this week in years past? The History Museum offers these newspaper excerpts to give you an idea.

Jan. 16, 1900: “The Northern Indiana Historical society, of this city, which is one of the strongest organization of its kind in the west, has undertaken the pleasant, but at the same time difficult task of entertaining the people of this community with an exhibit of things curious, valuable and historic. The society has a large collection of its own, but proposes to gather all that can be found in St. Joseph and surrounding counties that will be of interest on this occasion.” — The South-Bend Tribune

Jan. 17, 1913: “Nearly 700 feet of high tension and trolley wire of the Northern Indiana railway were blown down just east of Lydick, this county, early this morn. Traffic on the Laporte and Michigan City division of the system was held up for half an hour until the lines had been repaired. At the point where the accident occurred, the wind approached the proportions of a tornado, although no other damage was reported.” — The South-Bend Tribune

Jan. 18, 1927: “An increased production schedule, with the employment of three full shifts of workmen, is planned by the Bendix Brake company within the next 90 days, it was stated Monday by Vincent Bendix, of Chicago, president of the company. As was announced some time ago, it is planned to double the site of the present plant.” — The South-Bend Tribune

Jan. 19, 1932: “Reaching an agreement on the existing contract with the Indiana & Michigan Electric company, the board of public works to-day announced that the city will be able to keep within its lighting budget during the next year in conformity with Mayor W. R. Hinkle’s plan to slash expenditures to overcome the deficit facing the local government treasury.” — The South-Bend Tribune

Jan. 20, 1947: “South Bend’s second major fire in four days caused an estimated $25,000 damage when flames swept through the newly remodeled Goes Motors-Nash Sales agency, at 226 South Lafayette boulevard Sunday morning. The blaze started in a basement boiler room, licked up through the show room floor and caused two 1947 model cars to drop from their display position downward until they rested on the boiler and steam pipes.” — The South Bend Tribune

Jan. 21, 1954: “Coffee sales, which percolated briskly last week, are starting to go to pot in South Bend today as still higher prices were predicted. The price prediction was made in Super Market News, a trade publication. According to the News, retail coffee prices may hit the $1.20 to $1.25 a pound level before long. The price in local retail outlets is already near the $1-a-pound mark. Frost damage in Brazil was blamed for the green coffee shortage that has resulted in high prices in the United States.” — The South Bend Tribune

Jan. 22, 1963: “An apparent low bid of $98,300 for the construction of buildings on Elbel Golf Course was received today by the South Bend Board of Park Commissioners. Figures on the bidding assured the board of being able to do all the work it originally had planned with an $800,000 bond issue to be sold Feb. 14, according to the Board Atty. Allen E. Schrager.” — The South Bend Tribune

This article originally appeared on South Bend Tribune: What made news the third week of January in South Bend in history

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