Heads Up: These Three-Layer Pop Smoke Braids Are V Cute

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What's better than your standard braided look? Um, how about a three-layer braided look? On this week’s edition of The Braid Up, we're giving you a Pop Smoke-inspired style that's basically like your favorite cake (think: the more tiers, the better). Trust me: If you're looking for a bit of variety with your protective styles, you're going to absolutely love this look. The layers add the perfect amount of volume, and as with any feed-in style, there's ample opportunity to play around with length and color. Peep the video above to see how New Jersey-based hairstylist Nastacia Crook-Brady brings this cute style to life.

Down to give this look a try? Keep these tips in mind to make the process 100 times easier:

1. Don't forget about edge control—it's not just for styling your baby hairs! If you work with a non-flaky formula, you can use it to clean up your parts and neatly section off your hair.

2. Make sure you have enough braiding hair. There's nothing worse than running out of extensions midway through an appointment. Unless you're down to make a quick beauty supply store run with half-braided hair (been there), try to stock up on your Kanekalon stash before you start your braiding process.

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3. Keep your hair super hydrated. Maintaining your natural hair health is key—after all, the whole point of protective styles is to protect. Every morning, spritz some leave-in conditioner on your hair and scalp to help prevent breakage or dryness.

4. Smooth any unwanted flyaways. We don't want them to distract from your final look. After the braiding is all said and done, grab some tiny scissors and tidy up any extra pieces of braiding hair sticking out.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Hair: Nastacia Crook-Brady

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