Health care experts say they anticipated more J&J vaccine doses

Houston-area healthcare facilities are awaiting shipments of the newly approved single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Video Transcript

- Unfortunately, there are not as many doses right now of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as we had hoped. But the company is saying that by the end of June, they will have 100 million doses.

- The Johnson and Johnson single dose COVID-19 vaccine has been given the green light by the FDA to start shipping out doses this coming week and ready to administer to people 18 years or older. A step that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says is a game changer, and doses could arrive at the city's health department as early as the end of the week.

SYLVESTER TURNER: Because at NRG, the Pfizer vaccine is being given there. At our other clinics in the city of Houston, we're using Moderna. With the J&J vaccine coming, it could be kept at regular temperatures. You only need one shot. It is still highly effective. That will add to our numbers, and we'll be able to increase the number of people that are getting the vaccine. So more people will be getting the vaccine much sooner than was previously anticipated.

- But it's important to note that people may or may not be able to choose which vaccine they want to get when a total of three COVID-19 vaccines are in circulation.

- The two doses of the mRNA vaccines and the single dose of the J&J vaccine is having a big impact not only on severe illness, but on asymptomatic transmission as well. So it's stopping. Even if you get exposed to the virus, it's stopping virus shedding from your nose and mouth. And what that means, if the data continues to hold up, and as we get closer and closer to fully vaccinating the American people, we potentially could stop virus transmission in this country if enough people get vaccinated. It's a high bar, but I think it's a possibility.

And that means that maybe by later in the summer or fall, the masks can come off if you get vaccinated. You know, you can feel really comfortable going to restaurants and getting-- you know, I don't know if it'll be completely normal. But our quality of life, no question, by the summer and fall is going to look much better than it does now.