Health officials confirm first case of monkeypox in Lincoln County

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The Lincoln County Health Department confirmed the county’s first monkeypox case Thursday.

The infected person is in isolation at home and health officials are working to identify close contacts. To protect the patient’s privacy, no additional information was shared.

By Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 31,425 cases in countries that have not reported monkeypox in the past. The United States has reported 9,492 of those cases.

Even though many monkeypox cases are in men who have sex with men, anyone can be infected, the CDC said.

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Here are ways people can protect themselves from illness:

  • If someone has a rash that resembles monkeypox, avoid skin to skin contact

  • No intimate contact with an infected person

  • Don’t share cups or utensils with someone with monkeypox

  • Don’t touch clothes, bedding and towels of someone infected

The vaccine is prioritized for the following people:

  • An individual who has been in close contact with someone with monkeypox in the last two weeks

  • Men who are transgender, gay or bisexual with the following symptoms in the last 90 days:

    • Multiple sex partners or anonymous sex

    • Has a sexually transmitted infection

    • Taking medicine to prevent HIV

Public health officials with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services are encouraging North Carolinians to get checked, tested and vaccinated.

Authorities ask people who have symptoms, been exposed or believe they are eligible for the vaccine, to call the Lincoln County Health Department at 704-736-8748.

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