Healthcare IT Solutions Provider, Comport, Discusses How Medical Asset Tagging can Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Care


RAMSEY, N.J., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hospitals and medical facilities are constantly working to improve both patient outcomes and expenditures. Healthcare IT Solutions Provider, Comport, recommends the implementation of medical asset tracking to meet both of these goals. The following is how medical asset tagging can reduce costs and improve patient care.

Medical Asset Tracking Saves Time

The less time your providers and support staff spend looking for even commonplace items, the better. The time spent looking for a wheelchair or other piece of equipment could be better spent engaging with a patient or providing care. When you use medical asset tracking, the hunt for equipment and assets are dramatically reduced. Since each item can be instantly identified and located by a member of your support staff, there is no longer a reason for delay. This removes both hassle and frustration from your provider's day and ensures your patients get the attention they deserve.

Medical Asset Tracking Saves Money

One of the primary equipment problems hospitals and medical facilities face is the replication of purchases. The typical organization buys items or equipment, misplaces them, and then buys them again, sometimes within the same budget year. This cycle continues, as more items come in, your areas get more cluttered, but you still can't locate what you need. The buy-lose-buy purchase cycle costs you money in more ways than one. When your purchased but not tagged items are languishing in a closet, they are losing value.

Parts will erode over time and you'll have wasted money on something that may not be discovered until it is beyond its usable lifespan. Both replication of purchases and the loss of items you've bought cost you money each year; these issues can be remedied with medical asset tracking technology.

Medical Asset Tracking Improves Patient Satisfaction

Wait time -- either in a waiting room or a procedure room -- is a key metric of patient satisfaction. While it is frustrating for your providers to have to spend time tracking down equipment, it is annoying for your patients as well. They have to wait, then wait again, when the equipment can't be found. Both patient satisfaction levels and patient outcomes improve when your team is able to focus on care, not on locating missing medical assets and equipment.

Most medial facilities are focused on two things; patient care and budgets. Medical asset tracking can help you address and improve both of these critical factors.

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