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Hear Todd Chrisley's Advice to Savannah Chrisley About Ex Nic Kerdiles in Growing Up Chrisley Clip

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The ultimate ultimatum.

In a sneak peek at tonight's episode of Growing Up Chrisley, airing Thursday, Sept. 23, Todd Chrisley can't help but call out Savannah Chrisley and her real relationship with then-ex Nic Kerdiles.

While out shopping, Savannah tells her dad about a recent blind date her best friend tried to arrange.

"I'm just not in the mood for all this today, like, Chadd had me go on this double date with him and I really didn't even want to go," Savannah says with a sigh. "So, I made sure we'd run into Chase [Chrisley] and Elliott.

"Why would you do that?" Todd asks in shock.

Savannah admits, "Because it just made me more comfortable. Therefore, it wasn't really a date, it was just a group hang. And now, Chadd's mad."

Todd agrees that Savannah "made him look foolish" by sabotaging the double date, but Savannah surprisingly opens up about not being ready to start dating again after breaking off her engagement with former fiancé, Nic.

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"At the end of the day, I'm not ready for all of that," Savannah explains. "I'm good by myself."

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Yet, Todd is skeptical. "But, are you by yourself? That's that the thing, because you and Nic say you're broken up but y'all are always with each other," he points out. "I mean, it's literally so confusing. You both need to sit down and have an adult conversation. He needs to hear where you're coming from, you need to hear where he's coming from."

Finally, Todd gives Savannah some sage advice: "At some point, you've got to s––t or get off the pot. Either you and Nic are going to make it work, or you are not going to make it work."

Turns out, Todd's idea of an ultimatum was effective! In August, Savannah exclusively confirmed to E! News that she was giving Nic another chance—but this time, with a few new rules.

Watch the clip above to see how Savannah and Nic are figuring things out together.

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