Heard of that TikTok 'dry scooping' challenge? Don't try it!

On the social media platform TikTok, users are challenging themselves to a dry scoop of pre-workout powder, with the goal of boosting energy levels in the gym.

Video Transcript

- And so on this next story, we have to ask, would you consider taking TikTok dry scoop challenge?

- Yeah. You better say no. This involves consuming a scoop of preworkout powder without any liquids. But as one challenger warns us, it can land you in the hospital.

- All right, guys. So I had a heart attack, as most of you guys know, from taking this-- Redcon1 Total War.

- "All right, guys. I had a heart attack." Wow. Yeah. You heard right.

- Wow.

- She had a heart attack after doing that challenge. Doctors explain your blood pressure can suddenly spike when you have that much caffeine at one time instead of slowly, slowly sipping it. So I know, kids out there, you see those challenges on--

- Don't do them

- --social media. Don't do them. It could cost you your life because I've heard of people even dying from this, so--

- I mean, it has so many milligrams of caffeine.

- Yeah.

- It's insane.

- Yeah, especially when you're young.

- I mean, more than a cup of coffee.

- Yeah.