Hearing for man last seen with missing tiger turns into a circus

A contentious daylong, back-and-forth hearing resulted in handcuffs being back on Victor Cuevas' wrists.

Video Transcript

- Want to get right to that story that many of you have been following. This is day six of the search for that tiger that we now know is named India. And just moments ago, the man linked to the disappearance was back before a judge, where we learned some new information. ABC13 reporter Mycah Hatfield joins us now with the latest. And Mycah, that was quite a show, just showing up for court.

MYCAH HATFIELD: It absolutely was, Melanie. This whole experience today has been right on par with the drama we've seen over the last week regarding this tiger. Victor Cuevas's attorney told us that we would get some answers today after this bond revocation hearing that might help piece some of the things that we've learned over the last week together. But this hearing is ongoing right now.

My colleague Miya Shay is inside. She's monitoring what's going on. But as it stands, this hearing has been so much back and forth between attorneys, objection after objection. A lot of moments where you're left scratching your head, wondering if you're actually watching a real court hearing.

The hearing today, though, is to determine if Cuevas's bond will be revoked for a 2017 murder charge for the fifth time. Under his bond conditions, he has a curfew. And his court-appointed supervisor testified that he violated it on Sunday, the day he was seen ushering a tiger back into the west Houston home.

As if this story could not be any more outrageous-- it's just turn after turn-- Cuevas arrived to the courthouse 15 minutes before the hearing in a Bentley and a three-piece suit. His attorney says he loves the tiger, but it isn't his, and he told us he was going to provide evidence today to prove that.

- Because the world is watching. I heard yesterday they're watching this in Britain, they're watching it in Russia, and all over the whole world. It's a very interesting case. And so like I said, we look forward to getting up there and start shedding a little bit of light. The things that has been either assumed or is incorrect, and kind of put a little bit of light on what this is and what it isn't.

MYCAH HATFIELD: At the same time as the bond revocation hearing, Houston police gave an update on this tiger fiasco. They say that they still don't know where the tiger is. Police say Cuevas and his attorney have been uncooperative, but the public has stepped in. And HPD says both they and BARC have received between 200 and 300 calls on tips of the tiger's whereabouts. Here's what's stunning though-- HPD says they believe the tiger has been passed around six to eight times since Sunday.

- We've gone to a few locations here in Houston and we have not had any luck finding the tiger yet. A lot of sightings that haven't panned out for us. And like I said, we've gone-- we know the group of people that are involved in the exotic animal trade here in Houston. We deal with them all the time, my animal cruelty unit does. We visited all of them and no luck so far. I believe since Monday, that tiger has probably been passed around six, seven, eight times to different locations here in Houston. I don't think it's out of Houston yet. Maybe out of the county, but I don't think so. I think it's still here in Houston.

MYCAH HATFIELD: Today we'll find out if Cuevas is going to go back to jail on that 2017 murder charge. If you'd like to watch this yourself, if you've been following this drama or just need some entertainment, we are streaming this court hearing on ABC13.com as well as all of our streaming apps.