‘We Heart Public Schools’ RV cruises through North Carolina during pop-up teacher vaccination clinic

Several public school teachers were honored with “Lovable Leader” awards.

Video Transcript

- Hundreds of teachers and other school staff in one community are now vaccinated against COVID-19.

- A pop up mass vaccination event was held at Rockingham Community College yesterday. Up to 700 school employees were scheduled to get their second dose of the vaccine so they will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in just two weeks. The North Carolina Association of Educators also stopped by as part of its We Heart Public Schools tour. The Apple RV is traveling to school districts in all of North Carolina's 100 counties to show appreciation for educators during a very challenging year. Educators we spoke with say they're excited to get their final vaccine dose and get their students back in the classroom.

KELLY TONEY: We're so pleased that the governor upped our date and got us in to get vaccinated so that we could return to school safely. All we want is our students back in our classrooms. And this is a great step forward.

MIHO YAMAGUCHI: We definitely want to be able to make sure that our voices are being heard. Joining together has meant the world to me. This is my first year teaching in this county.

- The Rockingham County Association of Educators even recognized several employees with the Lovable Leader Award.