Heart transplant goes well after helicopter carrying organ crashes upon arrival at Los Angeles hospital

Here’s something that will get your heart racing.

A helicopter carrying a donated heart crashed upon arriving at a hospital in Los Angeles last week, but the organ was not damaged, the BBC reported.

The heart has since been used in a successful transplant for a patient at Keck Hospital.

The crash occurred Friday on a helipad at Keck when the aircraft attempted to land. The pilot suffered minor injuries, while two others aboard the helicopter were not believed to be harmed, according to authorities.

However, the trouble wasn’t over after the crash. A medical official tripped and dropped the heart, which had been recovered from the crash by a firefighter.

The organ was not damaged in that incident, either.

“The heart itself was fine after being dropped,” a spokesperson for Keck told the AFP news agency, according to the BBC.

Videos from the scene show the helicopter on its side following the crash at the hospital, which is part of the University of Southern California system. The blades of the chopper were also damaged.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

“It was kind of a hard landing, and there was a lot of debris that was blown from the helicopter itself, or extracted from the helicopter, as it landed," a fire official told reporters last week, according to local news station KTLA.


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