"From the heart": wives of occupiers killed in Donbas receive fur coats

Wives of the killed occupiers from the "DPR" [self-proclaimed and non-recognised Donetsk People's Republic in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine – ed.] have received 21 fur coats. The women have thanked the Russians "from the heart".

Source: Latvia-based Russian independent news outlet Meduza

Details: The widows have lined up in the video in order to express their gratitude for "help". "We unexpectedly received such help today. We are very grateful to you. Families of the killed soldiers gathered here. Truly, we thank you from the heart!" one woman said.

The voiceover has stated that fur coats were provided by "Russian activists". "You feel that we are one family in such moments," the man said.

Background: In July 2022, Russian propagandists broadcast a story about the father of an occupier from Saratov Oblast, Alexey Malov, who was killed in Ukraine; the man spent the funds he received after his son’s death on a new Lada car. "In memory of my son, we have bought a new car," the father proudly said then.

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