Heat adds stress for refugees on Ukraine border

STORY: Queues on the Ukrainian and Romanian sides of the Danube river and a crossing on an open air ferry offer little escape from the temperatures, which have recently been above 86 Fahrenheit daily.

Natalia, a refugee, lives outside Ukraine but returns occasionally to check on her pets.

"I'm tired of driving here and there. I would like to go home, and I want peace", she said.

Volunteers said they were on hand to provide people crossing with water and refreshments, as well as first aid and shelter from the sun.

Romania has been one of the main destinations for people fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine since February.

More than 13,800 Ukrainians crossed the Romanian border on Saturday (July 30) an increase of around 15% on the day before, Romanian news agency Agerpres said, citing a press release from the country's border guard.