A Heat player shot down a viral debate over whether the average fan could score 20 points in an NBA game

Duncan Robinson holds the ball and looks on during a game in 2021.
Duncan Robinson.Michael Wyke/AP Images
  • A viral Twitter poll asked if the average person could score 20 points in an NBA game.

  • Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson told Insider that it wouldn't happen.

  • Robinson noted that it'd been proven that there is a wide gap between an NBA player and amateurs.

No, the average fan probably can't score 20 points in an NBA game.

It's a subject that was raised by Twitter user Sam DiSorbo on Tuesday and has since become a hotly debated topic online.

DiSorbo tweeted that he believed it would be possible for the average person to score 20 points in an NBA game if they played all 82 games, for all 48 minutes a game, and never had to run back on defense.

While speaking to Insider, Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson said he wasn't so sure.

"I would say no, honestly," Robinson said when asked if he thinks it would be possible.

"It's always funny to me, there's a great reach that happens, and I don't necessarily blame people for it, but like, the very, very, low-end tier professional players are just so — you get them in a different setting and it's a totally different perspective of their ability."

Robinson has unique perspective on this. Robinson initially played DIII college basketball before turning heads and transferring to Michigan. He went undrafted in 2018, but eventually landed on the Miami Heat and had a breakout 2019-20 season in which he averaged 13.5 points and 3 rebounds per game while shooting 44.6% from three-point range.

This past offseason, Robinson signed a five-year, $90 million contract with the Heat, the largest ever for an undrafted player. So, he knows what it's like to excel at both the lower levels of collegiate athletics and at the highest levels of professional basketball.

Robinson compared it to Brian Scalabrine, an 11-year NBA veteran who has frequently been challenged by amateurs who believe they can beat him. Scalabrine has a line that he's repeated to explain the gulf between NBA players and local pick-up basketball players.

"I think Brian Scalabrine, who I've also had on my podcast, said it really well in that, to your average fan, he's way closer to LeBron than you are to him," Robinson said.

Scalabrine has indeed made it a point to shut down these types of debates. Scalabrine once put on "The Scallenge" in which he faced off against amateur competitors, including Division I college players, and routinely dominated them.

Just last year, Scalabrine went viral for beating a high school player who challenged him, 11-0.

"People love the come at Brian ... and I think he provides some great perspective of just how good NBA players are."

Robinson (and other NBA players) will likely be relieved to know that most people are on their side — nearly 93% of respondents to DiSorbo's poll said a fan wouldn't ever score 20 points in an NBA game.

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