How are the Heat spending quarantine? Lego Masters, finding ‘Quarantine boos’ and soccer

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Quarantine life has been rough on everyone.

Nobody likes staying inside for long periods of time, especially with the weather getting warmer.

But for the Miami Heat, the past nine days must’ve been particularly tough. First their season gets suspended for 30 days. Then that 30 days got pushed back. And if that weren’t enough, more and more of their peers started catching the ‘rona. Just look at Bam Adebayo’s Twitter.

If there’s one silver lining, it’s that Heat fans get to see how their favorite player spends their free time. From binging an absurd amount of Lego Masters to shooting with reckless abandonment (looking at you Tyler Herro), one thing’s for sure: they’re just as bored as everyone else.

Tyler Herro

Bad shots don’t exist when your last name is Herro.

Pull-up three in crunch time? Bucket. Contested stepback? Count it. Shooting your shot with an Instagram model over Twitter? Bang.

The last one happened Tuesday night when the Rookie sniper fired off a “what you doing” tweet to Katya Elise Henry. Her response?

Though it’s unclear what happened next, know this: shooters shoot.

Jimmy Butler

Just in case you forgot, this man is always working.

Butler’s Instagram story consisted of a lot of work out videos.

The only break? A quick game of dominoes.

Bam Adebayo

Cabin fever might’ve hit Adebayo the hardest.

Excluding Friday’s tweet, the All-Star big man’s Twitter has looked like this:

These boredom tweets pretty much continue up until the news broke of the suspended season. Even Adebayo’s Instagram story — which consisted of the Quarantine Dunk Contest and Toilet Paper Challenge submissions — seem to show a man in need of the sport he loves.

Udonis Haslem

This man really loves Legos.

Haslem’s Instagram story mainly featured clips from Lego Masters, a television show where teams are tasked with building the best Lego creation.

You probably could’ve gone your entire life without knowing UD’s affinity for Legos, right? Well blame the ‘rona.

Kendrick Nunn

Erik Spoelstra once said he’s never seen Nunn “look like he’s ever under stress.”

That’s because this man really is always chilling. Nothing but beautiful ocean views, blue skies and even a massage littered his Instagram Story.

How can you hate somebody who relaxes this much?

Goran Dragic

Inter Miami, Dragic needs a contract!

Fans got a sneak peak at The Dragon’s footwork on Monday when he sank a goal following a smooth rainbow.

View this post on Instagram

Soccer time ️ #stayhome

A post shared by Goran Dragic (@the_1_dragon) on Mar 15, 2020 at 3:35pm PDT

Other than that, he’s doing adorable things like reading ‘dragon’ books to his kids.

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