Heathrow CEO says disappointed UK not supporting aviation sector

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LONDON, May 1 (Reuters) - The head of Britain's biggest airport Heathrow said on Friday it was disappointing that the government was not supporting the industry and said it perhaps did not realise the importance of aviation to the wider economy.

"It is disappointing that the UK government stands out globally as being one of the few countries not to be supporting its aviation sector," Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye told Reuters.

"I think it comes back to a lack of understanding perhaps of just how vital aviation is to the rest of the economy.

"The Americans, the first thing they did was to provide for national support to their airlines and airports. The French are doing the same thing, as are the Germans. In the UK we've seen Flybe go bust, and we might see the same thing happen to Virgin (Atlantic)." (Reporting by Kate Holton; editing by Michael Holden)