Heating up today before another front arrives

Sunshine returns with highs near 90. Another cool front brings storms Friday evening.

Video Transcript

- We're heating up on this Thursday. Yes, the opening day-- home opener for the Astros. Expect temperature readings to warm this afternoon close to 90 degrees. We hit that 89, it will be some of the warmest temperatures we've seen so far this year. There will be just a light breeze blowing in.

And for the game tonight, those temperatures will drop off a few degrees. By first pitch at 7:10, look for temperatures to be hovering right around the low 80s, and then dropping off this evening into the 70s. We start to see those clouds building back out ahead of our next front. That frond won't arrive until Friday evening.

We've got some heat to talk about all across the Lone Star State-- even hotter out toward Del Rio, Laredo with triple digit temperatures there. We're not too far off from that record at Bush Airport-- 92, the record to beat. I think our record is safe for today.

Tomorrow, maybe a degree or so lower. But the front still well up to our north and west during the afternoon will allow for that heat to build, especially out toward West Texas. San Angelo-- 95; tomorrow-- 102 in Del Rio. Can you believe it? Laredo looking at a high of 104.

Now, let's fast forward and talk about what we're anticipating on Friday. I think most of the morning, early part of the afternoon, really non-eventful. It's once we get in toward the evening hours and potentially as we get closer toward midnight, where we start to see a lot more activity.

So a lot of what we could see severe weather wise, or even the strong thunderstorms could happen once the sun sets. Right now, the Storm Prediction Center has much of Southeast Texas highlighted in some form of severe weather. Right now, we're at level one and two out of five. So we need to be on the lookout for not just these windstorms, but also hail storms that could provide some very large hail, especially across the Brazos Valley, where a 2 inch in diameter or greater hail will be possible with some of these thunderstorms.

All of this is going to be dependent upon what is called a cap-- basically a lid-- warm air aloft that prevents storms from building, or at least turning severe. It does look like most of our area should still see a cap. But areas to the north have the better chance, where those ingredients for severe weather is looking more favorable. So just keep that in mind.

Some streamer rain showers for the morning. Some fog also potential for Friday morning's commute. You'll want to tune in for that.

During the afternoon, a lot of the moisture looks like it favors our coastline, south of I10. But then, as we move forward into the evening hours, some of that rain gets pushed inland. And then, we start to see that first line of scattered showers and even some hefty storms that we'll have to monitor.

We talked about that cap. If that cap breaks in our northeastern counties, we could be dealing with some very loud rumbles of thunder and also some damaging wind gusts-- gusts over 60 miles per hour. And we're talking between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 PM. And then, that's going to slide toward Houston between 10:00 PM and midnight, and then closer to the coastline there just after midnight.

Now, early Saturday morning-- we're not done-- we've got that front that will eventually swing through. So that first line is a pre-front type shower and thunderstorm. And then, we've got that frontal boundary that will be pushing through early on Saturday.

It does look like we've got chances for rain after midnight. They're about 7:00, 8:00 or so, pushing through the coastline. And then, by lunchtime, we say goodbye to the wet weather. We welcome that drier air, and also a humidity drop.

So temperatures on Saturday will warm into the mid-80s with the humidity drop, the clouds clearing out, and some cooler air invading the area. We'll see those temperatures Sunday morning in the 50s, warming up into the mid-80s.

The new week starts off with mostly dry conditions. But headed into the middle of the week, our next cool front arrives. We've got penciled in for Wednesday with a 30% chance of showers, a few claps of thunder, and then followed by temperatures a little bit cooler. Thursday, Friday morning, right now in the upper 50s with highs back down into the mid and upper 70s.

So try to stay cool on Thursday today. And make sure you stay tuned for that threat for strong and even severe thunderstorms heading into Friday night. Thanks for watching.