Heavier fines for parking offenses from July 1

You had a good run, car (and motorcycle) owners of Singapore. Twenty-eight glorious years of having the same parking fines in place. But all good things come to an end, and the end is coming a week from today.

According to a joint statement issued today by the Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority, the fines you’ve known and loved for nearly three decades will be going up across the board for a variety of offenses on July 1 to make sure they remain “an effective deterrent.”

Motorcyclists who fail to park in designated areas, for instance, will see fines jump SG$10 to SG$35. Those doing the same in cars or heavy vehicles, meanwhile, will face fines of $70 and $100, respectively.

Drivers found to be parking without a valid parking coupon (that’s a little permit you stick in your window for you non-Singaporeans out there) or without properly starting their parking session on the city’s handy digital app will see their fines double, from $20 to $40.

Heavy vehicle drivers will see their fine jump only 10 bucks, from $40 to $50. Clearly the hand of “big heavy vehicle” at play (we kid!).

And what if you’ve started a paid parking session but then fail to extend your parking duration when it goes past the allotted time? The current range of fines will jump from to $8-$24 for cars (currently $6-$20), while heavy vehicles will now be on the hook for anywhere from $16-$48.

Last but not least, those of you tricky folks who like to sneak past parking gates by cozying up to the car in front of you? The fine for that move will now cost you an extra $20, with the fines jumping to $70 for car drivers and $100 for those handling heavy vehicles.


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