Heavy, gusty storms to rumble along Atlantic coast of US

Alex Sosnowski

The same storm system responsible for damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes over parts of the south-central United States at the start of this week will swing toward the East Coast into Tuesday evening.

While the intensity of the thunderstorms will be much less than from Sunday night and early Monday, some communities from North Carolina to Delaware can be hit with storms packing brief torrential downpours, strong wind gusts and frequent lightning.

Cities that may experience disruptive and potentially damaging storms into Tuesday evening include Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia; Salisbury, Maryland; and Raleigh, Wilmington and Fayetteville, North Carolina.

While these cities are most likely to have heavy, gusty and even brief locally severe storms, areas in the Northeast can be hit with brief gusty winds, downpours, low clouds and fog that can lead to travel trouble.

Motorists and airline passengers should expect delays as storms and downpours approach.

Enough rain will fall in the Northeast when combined with fallen leaves to lead to slick conditions and street flooding.

A dose of chilly air will follow the rain and thunderstorms from west to east by midweek. However, the coldest air will generally be pent up in the Midwest for the next week or so.

Those with connecting flights to or aircraft originating from the Midwest on Tuesday may also experience delays due to gusty winds expected over the North Central states.

In the wake of the rain and storms Tuesday night, a few days of dry and pleasant conditions are foreseen in the East, including around the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., areas for viewing and funeral services of the late Congressman Elijah Cummings.

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