Heavy Snow Expected In Texas Sunday; Bitter Cold Temps

The latest forecast from CBS 11's Jeff Ray

Video Transcript

JEFF RAY: They'll be OK as long as they're dormant. But I will tell you with historically cold temperatures coming up, single digit numbers, we're all going to lose some plants, I'm afraid. As we can take a look at radar, you can see coming up from the south, we have some frozen precipitation.

Not all of this is hitting the ground, but as it continues to come up from the south, get across all of North Texas, or most of North Texas, as the overnight continues, we're going to have icing on the roads here tonight. Another round of this-- yeah, black ice on the road.

You can see as we look down to the south, there is a winter storm brewing here, really starting to bring this moisture up into this very cold air. We're expecting some freezing rain and sleet across the metro area over into Kaufman County, down across Hill County and [INAUDIBLE] as well. This is where you could wake up Sunday morning early with some black ice, just before the snow arrives.

By the way, the temperatures right now, it's not getting any warmer. Probably till Tuesday, you can see how it will be in hanging in the low 20s across your Sunday on Valentine's Day. Temperatures will start to drop at the end of the day, as heavy snow sets in.

This is the updated forecast for snowfall amounts in North Texas-- three to four inches around the Metroplex. Probably the biggest snow in DFW since 2011, but some areas are going to see some significant snow-- six to eight inches as anticipated over parts of Jack County and off to the west and maybe that much in Canton and Athens as well. Those two areas where heavy snow bands are expected to set up.

Let me show you how it plays out. This is, of course, in the overnight hours headed into Sunday morning. First, I draw your attention to that frozen precipitation still going on in the morning, as it changes over to snow in the metro area. This will be a light snow for the morning. The heavy snow doesn't arrive first into the western counties until around the noon hour or 1 o'clock.

And then, later in the afternoon, it moves into North Texas-- all of North Texas, I should say-- including the Metroplex. That will go on across the evening hours as temperatures drop, winds pick up. We're going to have wind chills in the negative numbers. You do not want to be on the roads starting tomorrow afternoon and all the way until probably midday Monday. They're going to be treacherous with all this frozen precipitation.

Remember, ice first, then the snow. Snow packed roads for Monday. This is at 1:00 in the morning. Heading into the Monday morning for President's Day, the snow will be leaving. Look at the temperatures-- in the single digits. These are the coldest temperatures we have had in over 30 years. And the wind chills will get down in the negative teens in some areas, even minus 20.

That is dangerous cold, so do not get stuck outside in the cold because the feel like temperatures are going to be around zero or negative numbers all day on Monday. That will be a record low on Monday and a record low on Tuesday. And some of these records, well, they go back over 100 years. And for coldest days, including Valentine's Day, we'll probably have a record tomorrow. Another one on Monday in time on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So I'm not kidding. This is historical cold and one of the biggest snows we've had in years. And guess what? There's another one right around the bend, a second major storm in three days. It looks like it arrives Tuesday night. It will be here Wednesday. More travel problems with that one, Steve.

- Yikes. OK, I can feel it now. Thank you so much, sir.