Hebron doles out Hartford foundation grants

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Sep. 23—HEBRON — A total of 11 grants will be distributed in Hebron through the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

The foundation announced the distribution of Greater Together Community Funds Awards in late 2019 in each of its 29 service towns to implement equitable projects.

Hebron established a committee to oversee the application process and determine eligible submissions in town.

" When the Hartford Foundation began developing the Greater Together Community Funds initiative, it was based on the recognition that community residents are keenly aware of the needs their towns face, and that they should be supported and empowered to select projects that respond to these needs," said Jay Williams, the president of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

" The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of town residents to benefit their respective communities is evidenced by the array of grants that the committee in Hebron has awarded."

The first phase of the grant awarded $25,000 to 11 different projects in Hebron, with individual grants ranging from $950 to $4,400.

The $ 4,400 grant was awarded to Friends of the Office of State Archaeology for the establishment of a multidisc i p l i n a r y c o l l a b o r a tion between the historic Cesar Peters House, the H e b r o n H i s t o r i c a l Society, and RHAM middle and high school students.

The $950 grant was awarded to UR Community Cares, for technology support for Hebron residents with disabilities.

The other nine grant awards are as follows:

—$1,000 to AHM Youth and Family Services for the CHORES program, which matches teens with senior citizens who need tasks completed around their yards.

—$1,000 to the Douglas Library of Hebron for anti- racism educational programs.

—$1,500 to to the Senior Friends of Hebron for the installation of benches along walking trails and for programming.

—$1,500 for the RHAM High School Music Boosters for an intergenerational music program with the senior living complex at Colebrook Village.

—$ 2,500 for HAMR S o f t b a l l League for i m p r o v e ments to the field at V e t e r a n s M e m o r i a l Park.

—$ 2,500 for Hebron I n t e r f a i t h H u m a n Services for i m p r o v e ments to the food pantry; as well as another $ 2,500 to the same organization for the creation of a food pantry at RHAM High School.

—$ 3,500 to St. Peter's Episcopal Church for a racial reconciliation program.

—$ 3,650 to Easter Seals at Oak Hill Camp Hemlocks for the aquatics program.

"Throughout this process, we learned anew what a caring and dynamic community Hebron is, and the impressive array of nonprofit organizations that contribute to the quality of life," said Allison Heneghan, the deputy chairperson of the Hebron Greater Together Community Fund Committee.

" This was a wonderfully collaborative effort, with every committee member involved and working diligently to develop a process to evaluate applications and provide grants that will impact our community. We are proud to award grants to ten dedicated and deserving organizations. We look forward to what's ahead."

The Hebron committee received $100,000 from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, with $50,000 for current projects and $50,000 endowed for future initiatives.

The second cycle of $25,000 in grant awards is coming, but the timeline for that has not yet been established.

When it opens, all nonprofits registered as a 501(c)(3) are eligible to submit a letter of intent to apply for grant funding, as long as the organization serves and benefits Hebron residents.

For more information about the next grant cycle, or to donate to Hebron fund to increase the grant awards for the next phase, email hebroncommunityfund@ gmail.com.

For more information about the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and its mission, visit its webpage at www.hfpg.org.

The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of town residents to benefit their respective communities is evidenced by the array of grants that the committee in Hebron has awarded.

Jay Williams

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