Heflin Police seize 200 pounds of marijauna off interstate

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Jun. 18—Heflin police seized an entire SUV packed floor to ceiling with 200 pounds of marijuana Thursday during a traffic stop, officials say.

Officer Danny Turner with the Heflin Police Department was conducting traffic stops on Interstate 20 Thursday afternoon when he pulled over a silver Porsche SUV for a traffic violation. The driver of the vehicle, Cisse Gosse, 49, a foreign national of Sudan, was displaying suspicious behavior and consented to a search of the vehicle, Turner said.

Turner, who had his drug K9 partner Edge in tow, said the dog alerted him to the positive presence of drugs when an exterior search was conducted.

Inside the vehicle behind the driver seat, Turner said the entire cargo area of the SUV was filled front to rear with boxes and black trash bags. Inside the containers was a total of 200 pounds of marijuana.

Initially, Gosse tried to claim to Turner that the bags contained soap prior to the search. However, Turner said he felt the vacuumed sealed bags and the lumpy texture gave away its true contents.

Gosse was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, and is being held in Cleburne County Jail on a $1,000,000 bond.