A Heinicke hang up? RG3 believes Washington has to eventually cut ties with fan favorite QB

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Despite the debacles off the field, the Commanders on the field are rolling with backup QB Taylor Heinicke at the helm. 

Washington is 6-1 this season with Heinicke under center, and firmly in the Wild Card race, but one local legend and former DC QB isn’t letting the ‘Heinicke hype’ overshadow some hard truths. 

“They’re in a huge conundrum right now when Taylor Heinicke is the guy, he’s proven that he can’t be the guy,” said Robert Griffin III to Sports Seriously. “But when he’s the backup, he’s proven that he can come in and win you games.”

Griffin was adamant that Carson Wentz is the more talented QB, but the team inexplicably plays better when Heinicke is in, here’s the excerpt from Sports Seriously: 

It’s a clear and obvious thing that Carson Wentz is the more talented quarterback. But right now their team gravitates towards Taylor Heinicke and it doesn’t matter how he plays, I’ve really never seen anything quite like this… The guy can throw for 130 yards and they go win the game. And everybody’s talking about how he’s the greatest quarterback of all time and how he should be the starter for the foreseeable future. I’ve never seen anything like it. He can throw terrible interceptions and people are like, ‘oh my God, he’s the greatest since sliced bread.’

Now as an analyst, I understand that that’s just coming from the positive feelings of winning football games.

Griffin believes the success isn’t sustainable under Heinicke and adds that the team will eventually have to cut ties with the fan favorite if they want to get real about having a franchise QB. 

“I feel like they’ve gotta get rid of Taylor Heinicke . As long as Taylor Heinicke is on that team, he’s gonna be a fan favorite, he’s gonna be a team favorite and he’s gonna undercut whoever becomes a starter in the future.”

You can watch the full Sports Seriously interview here:

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire