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Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith Is not worried about his size or speed at the next level

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Yahoo Sports’ Eric Edholm goes 1-on-1 with the Alabama Wide Receiver. Smith explains his decision to return to Tuscaloosa for his senior season. He gives an update on the finger he dislocated in the National Championship game. DeVonta also talk about the possiblity of teaming up with his former college QB Tua Tagovailoa in the NFL. DeVonta Smith joined Yahoo Sports thanks to AutoTrader. Autotrader is the go-to resource when car shopping or buying, with the largest selection of vehicles to search from. Bringing trust and speed to the forefront in creating a more modern digital shopping experience.

Video Transcript

ERIC EDHOLM: Well, we are pleased to be joined by Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith, Heisman Trophy award winner, national champ. DeVonta, I wanted to go back about one year ago today, you were making the decision on whether to enter the 2020 draft. You decide to come back to school.

Could have been a first rounder. There was some talk about that. And yet, you wanted to come back. What was the reason why you decided to come back to Alabama? When the pandemic hit, were you concerned that things might not work out as you hoped?

DEVONTA SMITH: Well, the main reason was I told mom before I even thought about going to the NFL that I was going to get my degree. So coming back and keeping my promise to her. And then once the pandemic hit, it was kind of tough. Just-- I had thoughts that wasn't going to have a season, so I was like, did I make the right decision or not?

But everything played out right. And I made the right decision.

ERIC EDHOLM: You can say that, you ended up having one of the best statistical seasons ever for a college wide receiver. Your team won the National Title and you capped off a brilliant career. And in the National Title, the game this year, we saw you suffer a dislocated finger early in the second half. We watched you under that hood there for a while trying to get it back in.

Can you tell us about the effort of trying to-- you know, with Dr. Lyle Cain, trying to put your finger back in place, trying to get back out on the field? And also give us an update on how you're feeling now.

DEVONTA SMITH: Well, now, I'm feeling good, everything's going great. Just taking it day by day, getting better. But when it happened, it didn't really hurt. I just-- I glanced at my hand and it looked weird. So going to the sideline, I was like, I think my finger's out of place. We got to do something to get it back in.

In the tent, it was painful just sitting out there, just letting them pull on it, trying to do what they can. It just never went back in. And they was like, let's go inside and try. Went inside, it didn't work. And then I was just like, all right, we just got to accept for what it is. I can't go back out there.

ERIC EDHOLM: Unfortunate ending. Obviously, your team made it pretty good by winning there. And you had a tremendous first half. And I know you even referenced your size in your Heisman Trophy speech. I mean, do you believe too much has been kind of made about, you know, how many pounds you weigh or how fast you might run in the 40-yard dash rather? Or are those big questions that the NFL has that you have to answer at that Pro Day?

DEVONTA SMITH: I mean, I too much don't care for it. I feel like people make a big deal out of it for nothing. I mean, if somebody can play, they can play.

ERIC EDHOLM: Have you and Tua talked to maybe entertain the idea about being teammates at the next level? Or is that something you're not quite prepared to talk about yet?

DEVONTA SMITH: We talk about it. It'll be good for us just to get back together and run it back. But most of the time we talk, we just talk about life in general, just how our family is doing and how we think our season went and things like that.

ERIC EDHOLM: How is Autotrader going to help you with one of your first big purchases after you are drafted?

DEVONTA SMITH: Autotrader is the go-to source when car shopping. And with everything going on and me being busy with training and rehabing, they make finding a car a whole lot easier. That's probably going to be my first big purchase and just them making it a whole lot less stressful on me. And I'm just excited to be partnering with them.

ERIC EDHOLM: All right, DeVonta, thanks so much for joining us, and good luck throughout the rest of the process as you gear up for the draft.