Helicopter accidentally picks fight with a cow and loses spectacularly

Elise Cooper

Police in Far North Queensland are investigating an incident in which a cow brought down a helicopter.

It happened south of Coen, right near the north eastern tip of Australia. Presumably trying to get their daily muster under wraps, the pilot got a little too close to his livestock and ended up with one of the chopper's feet caught on the horns of a cow. 

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Mustering stock via helicopter is a necessity in certain parts of Australia where terrain is rough and properties huge.

Image: Peter Charlesworth/LightRocket via Getty Images)

After trying to disengage from the animal, the Robinson R22 Beta mustering helicopter lost balance and was forced into a rough landing, resulting in the chopper quickly being engulfed in flames. 

The Rural Fire Service was called to the site from Coen and quickly extinguished the chopper. 

The cow that caused the kerfuffle is said to be totally unharmed and presumably quite smug.

Though the incident sounds minor and admittedly quite funny, after watching this video of outback cattle mustering in action, it's a wonder that these sorts of explosions are as infrequent as they are.