Helium network launches roaming partnership with Canada’s X-TELIA

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Helium – the world’s fastest-growing decentralised wireless network for internet of things devices – has formed a strategic partnership with Canadian LoraWan provider X-TELIA in a move set to unlock coverage across the country.

X-TELIA’s internet of things (IoT) network will be connected with the Helium blockchain to increase roaming coverage.

This move marks a real focus on solidifying a presence across the North American continent for Helium – part of a strategy aiming to position the network to help deliver an anticipated three-fold increase in IoT devices by 2030.

Helium has already made huge inroads, with the decentralised grassroots roll-out arguably one of the fastest infrastructure expansions in history. In just two years, the network has expanded to more than 513,000 Helium-compatible hotspots across almost 40,000 cities.

This is only possible due to the incentivised hotspot model which sees everyday users ‘mine’ the network-native HNT token by providing localised coverage (effectively line of sight level).

X-TELIA bring a lot to the table

Eric Bourbeau, co-founder and CEO of X-TELIA, explained how the partnership would be symbiotic between the two companies.

“At X-TELIA, we understand the power of IoT technology in achieving new levels of insight and efficiency and have made it our mission to make it accessible to industries, businesses and cities across Canada,” said the CEO.

“By leveraging the power of the Helium Network we are now able to provide our clients with a global network, allowing our fleet and asset tracking customers to track their assets internationally.”

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