Hellmann’s New Spicy Burger Sauce Will Have You Grilling Every Single Day This Summer

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instacart

From Delish

Condiments have the power to turn a plain meal into one that will be on constant dinner rotation. Hellmann’s is moving beyond its classic mayonnaise with a Classic Burger Sauce that will make your next meal decision super easy.

While the company hasn’t confirmed the new condiment, it has already been spotted on store shelves, including Walmart and retailers in Canada. We can only assume that the 11-ounce sauce, which is mayo-based, includes other ingredients to give it its “tangy & sweet” flavor, as noted on the bottle.

Hellmann’s wouldn’t leave us hanging without a sauce to dip our fries in, right? Right. The Classic Burger Sauce is on shelves alongside a Spicy Dipping Sauce. The bottle features fries and chicken tenders, making it pretty clear that the “sweet and spicy kick” sauce will be on our list of must-tries.

If it feels like there has been a lot of new condiment products coming out recently, it’s because there have! It is grilling season, after all. Heinz kicked off the hybrid condiments last year with Mayochup, a combination of mayo and ketchup. It continued the trend this year with Mayomust (mayo and mustard) and Mayocue (mayo and barbecue sauce).

Just as excited for the Hellman’s Classic Burger Sauce as we are? It’s available now on Instacart, but we have yet to see the Spicy Dipping Sauce listed online. But as always, we’ll keep you updated!

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