Hello Texas Sunshine

Sunny. High 79F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph.

Video Transcript

- --that forecast for today.

ANNE ELISE PARKS: It's unreal, yeah, it really is, Karen. It felt good at 9:30. It's just unreal the progress that we've made since this time last week. Last week, we were talking about teens at this hour but not today. Look at these numbers, up to 70 degrees already from Dallas, 68 from Fort Worth. Of course, all of that sunshine helping. But the big thing that's really helping is a nice south and southwest breeze that has been picking up.

You can see some gusts over 20 miles per hour. And that's going to be a trend we're following later today and certainly into early tomorrow as well. That's ahead of tomorrow's cold front. This warming trend, you can expect temperatures to climb. I went ahead and bumped us up to 80 degrees for today's forecast high. And by the way, Karen, that is quite the difference from last week. 18 was the high, 62 degrees difference from today versus last week.

- Honestly, only in Texas, really, only in Texas, Anne Elise. Thank you.