Help Arrives for Flooded New South Wales Town of Coraki After Days of Isolation

Emergency food and supplies arrived in the town of Coraki, located 30 km south of Lismore, on March 6, after record floods caused days of isolation for the northern New South Wales community.

Australian Army soldiers helped clear debris and distribute much-needed basic goods for the town, which sits on the confluence of the Richmond and Wilson rivers.

Local media said many of the town’s 1,200 residents had been living in their cars or at the evacuation centre established at Coraki’s highest point, where drinking water was running low.

On March 7, New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet said 2,000 homes had been deemed uninhabitable after record floods that had devastated the state. “This is going to be a major operation to get our communities back on their feet and we’re going to put everything into it,” he said.

Perrottet said a complete review of emergency resourcing would take place. Credit: Australian Defence Force via Storyful

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