Help From Rev. Jesse Jackson For Neighbors Battling Managers Of Apartment Complex

On Saturday, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and federal housing officials stepped in at Concordia Place Apartments in the Riverdale neighborhood, amid complaints of mold, mice, and a lack of proper management

Video Transcript

MUGO ODIGWE: Relief could be in sight for residents of one Riverdale apartment complex. They've been dealing with mold, mice, and a mountain of trash. "CBS 2's" Meredith Barack explains how the Rainbow Push Coalition's involvement could make a big difference. Meredith.

MEREDITH BARACK: Mugo, we've been following issues at this far South Side apartment complex for quite some time now. Residents say there's not just rodents, but mold and decay at the Concordia Place Apartments.

On Saturday, Reverend Jessie Jackson and representatives from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development talked about progress between New York's Capital Realty Group, the managers of hundreds of low-income housing units. Rainbow Push Coalition is saying the company promised to make all repairs that some neighbors say have lingered for as long as two decades.

The "CBS 2" investigators have been following issues at this complex, which include a time when the dumpsters seemingly disappeared, leaving hundreds with nowhere to put their garbage for days. Residents shared what else they've had to put up with.

- I cried the other day. Like, I'm kind of emotional right now.

- I had rodents galore.

- You can hear 'em at night crawling on the walls--

- The mice ran me up out the apartment.

- --scraping and trying to get in.

- My neighbor said, baby, what you doing in your car? I say, the mice done took over.

MEREDITH BARACK: HUD officials say they are working hard, and they want to resolve those issues. Now, we have reached out to that management group. We have yet to hear back. And we are going to continue to follow up with them. Reporting live from the Street Side studio, I'm Meredith Barack, "CBS 2 News."

MUGO ODIGWE: Meredith, thank you.