Helpless Amazon Driver Looks on as Group of Thieves Raid Delivery Truck In Broad Daylight, Viral Video Shows

A viral video shows a group of thieves stealing packages from an Amazon driver.

The group, wearing hoodies to cover their faces, hopped in the back of the delivery truck in a parking lot and rushed to swipe the packages one by one. At one point, two people are seen coming out the front of the vehicle before going into the back to grab the boxed items.

In the video, the driver is standing on the sidewalk, watching the crime unfold and waiting for the suspects to disperse. It’s unclear when and where it happened, but people on social media said it took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Group of People Steal From Amazon Truck
A viral video shows people stealing packages from an Amazon truck. (Photo: @atl_scoop/X)

Amazon drivers could earn $40,000 a year to drop off packages to customers. In the comment section, people condemned the group’s behavior.

“I feel bad for her. I hope and pray she still has a job when she returns back to the warehouse,” one user wrote on Instagram.


Another person added: “Just sad. People probably ordering gifts for the holidays with money they worked hard for. Just to be stolen. I hope the driver wasn’t fired for the actions of these bad a** kids.”

There have been other related crimes against Amazon drivers in the city. In 2022, a woman was arrested after stealing an Amazon truck, prompting police to chase her down. The driver said he left the keys in the vehicle while making a quick delivery. Separately that same year, two former Amazon Flex drivers sued the company after they were shot by a customer while dropping off packages at the home, alleging that they suffered physical and emotional injuries from the incident.

“These two men were seriously injured while working for Amazon, one of the largest and wealthiest businesses in the world,” said civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the men, per 11 Alive. “Amazon has a moral obligation to do more to protect its employees.”

In Maryland, a group of people carjacked a UPS delivery driver in broad daylight last week, and the incident was caught on a resident’s doorbell camera.