Henry County Department of Public Safety offers free EMT classes

HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Henry County Department of Public Safety is officers a fee National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians course.

From March 5 until July 30, participants will have the chance to obtain their Virginia EMT Certification. Typically, the course would cost about $800 per person. However, the department will use funds from its “Four-for-Life” to cover the expenses of each student.

Suzie Helbert, Deputy Director of Public Safety and Chief of Training and Volunteer Coordination says the skills learned during the course will help students effectively respond during an emergency.

“If your loved one were to have a heart attack or if they injured themselves working around the house, would you know what to do? Most people wouldn’t but this class can prepare anyone to be a first responder. Even if you don’t plan on making it a career, I’d encourage you to apply. You never know when it might come in handy,” said Helbert.

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The courses will take place at the Henry County Department of Public Safety Emergency Services Training Center, every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and at least one Saturday a month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Throughout the course, students will learn emergency medical services foundations, airway management, patient assessment, medical emergencies, trauma, special populations, EMS operations, and more.

Henry County officials say the county is experiencing a decline in the number of volunteers for rescue squads. The lack of volunteers has forced the Axton Life Saving Crew to close its doors.

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“The demand for emergency services continues to rise, stretching our resources to their limits,” said Matt Tatum, Director of Public Safety.

For more information about the NREMT course or volunteer opportunities, contact Suzie Helbert at (276) 634-4662 or by email at shelbert@henrycountyva.gov.

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