Her Favorite Place: The new Executive Director at Leonardo’s Children’s Museum played there as a kid

ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – The place isn’t smaller than Charlet Ringwald remembered.

The Leonardo’s Childrens Museum is actually much bigger than when she was a child visitor.

Opened in 1995, Ringwald’s family quickly became regulars here.

She brought friends and played with everything she could get her hands on.

It was, she says, like, “being transported to another world. That was always stuck in my mind as a kid.”

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Leonardo’s went through a big expansion when the museum’s Executive Director job opened up.

But she still manages to find her younger self in forgotten corners with her name in painted bricks on the 3rd floor drama rehearsal space, and in every inquisitive child she meets.

“You have a little kid come through, and you see what they’re doing, and I think, ‘wow’. I used to do that,” she smiles.

Charlet was working for the Enid Main Street program when the Executive Director job opened up.

She remembered the influence of former staffers here, founders too, as well as her own formative experiences.

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This was definitely her dream job.

“This is where I belonged,” she states. “It felt like home.”

There is a lot to take in at Leonardo’s, from Tinker Zone, to Power Tower, to Critter Clubhouse.

The huge castle outside is still ready to explore.

Charlet now plays host to a whole new generation of children and teenage staffers, still forming their own experiences.

Her mission, she says, to make sure they learn the same, fun lessons she did.

For more information, go to the Leonardo’s Children’s Museum website.

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