Here is Hugh Freeze's latest coaching setup as he recovers from back surgery (Photos)

Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze is still recovering from back surgery. (AP Photo/Matt Bell)

Another week, another coaching setup for the ailing Hugh Freeze.

Freeze, in his first year as Liberty’s head coach, is still recovering from an August back surgery, a situation that included a very serious staph infection. Freeze, though, is doing what he can to coach these games — even if it means some jokes flying around the internet.

In Week 1 vs. Syracuse, Freeze coached from a hospital bed that was stationed in the press box. Last week, the university flew a special “medical chair” down to Lafayette for the Flames’ game against Louisiana. This week, with Buffalo visiting Lynchburg, Freeze is propped up on a platform on the sideline.

As the game got going, Freeze alternated between standing and sitting. After his offense scored, he was able to speak with some of his players from his chair.

From the looks of it, Freeze has a pretty ordinary office chair compared to the “medical chair” the school flew down to Louisiana last weekend.

Freeze’s condition seems to be improving, but it’s still anybody’s guess when he’ll be able to stand on the sideline for a full game.

In the meantime, Freeze is still looking for his first win at Liberty. Will it come on Saturday?

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