Here's How to Take the Color Personality Test All Over TikTok

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If you're like me, you've taken every online quiz out there. What kind of flirt are you? Which Disney princess are you? Which Riverdale character are you? Well, if you've exhausted all of those quizzes, I have some good news for you. Thanks to TikTok, there's a new personality test on the block, and everyone is obsessed with it. You may have seen it while scrolling through your For You Page, but we have all the deets on how to take the quiz yourself.

What is the Color Personality Test?

According to Hashtag Hyena, the Color Personality Test is based off Don Lowry's True Colors personality profiling system that he created in 1978. That system is based off a theory that everyone's personality is a combination of blue, orange, green, and gold to varying degrees.

Apparently, everyone has two colors that dominant their personality. "Green personalities are all independent thinkers, gold ones are pragmatic planners, orange types are action-oriented, and blues are people-oriented," says Hashtag Hyena.

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How do I take the test?

The personality test can be found online and it is very simple and easy to take. Basically you answer 12 questions, mostly about how you interact with others.

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Then what?

After that, you get your results. The site will tell you what color you are and what your personality is like. It will also let you know what colors you interact with well and which colors to stay away from. That way, you can have your friends or significant other take the test to see if you mesh well.

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Then, share the results on TikTok if you want! Tons of people are doing it and they're having fun showing off their colors in creative ways.

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