Cold front on its way, bringing increased rain chances

A Pacific cool front arriving Friday brings a chance of rain and a thunderstorm followed by glorious weather for the weekend.

Video Transcript

TRAVIS HERZOG: Bring the umbrella with you on Friday. We've got a chance of rain as a Pacific cool front rolls in. I'm chief meteorologist Travis Herzog with your one-minute weather forecast.

We will dip down to about 50 degrees overnight. So it won't be as chilly as it has been the past couple of mornings. And we are expecting to get back into the 70s. But expect a lot of clouds in the sky, and a growing chance of rain as we head towards midday, then the rain chance declining as we get into the evening hours.

Here's a look at Futuretrack, which shows us starting off cloudy then the rain showers materializing as that Pacific front begins to push our way. We're generally looking at 1/10 to 1/4 of an inch of rain at most for the neighborhoods that do get the rain. And while we should see most of the rain push out of here by 6:00 PM when the actual cool front arrives, there could be a stray shower or even thunderstorm Friday evening, so be aware of that.

And then we dry out as we head into Saturday morning. Should be a really beautiful weekend ahead. We're forecasting a 30% chance you'll get rain on Friday, then lots of sunshine for Saturday, and Sunday with high temperatures back near 70. Notice this front doesn't do much to our temperatures.

And after the weekend, the Gulf breeze really picks up. And that's going to bring back that mild, muggy air from the Gulf of Mexico. Lows in the 60s, highs in the 80s.

And it won't be until we get to the following weekend that we have a chance for another front. And also, don't forget, two Sundays from now is the time change where we spring our clocks one hour forward. I hope you stay dry and enjoy the Friday ahead. And we'll keep watching the weather for you.