Here's how efficient Bay Area vaccination sites are performing

Last week they were only doling out 5,000 shots a day at Levi's Stadium, now they're ramping up to 10,000 or more a day, eventually hoping to top 15,000 a day as the supply increases.

Video Transcript

- Vaccination sites are popping up all over the Bay Area. Mass vaccination sites are expanding capacity as well. ABC 7 News Reporter Lesley Brinkley looked at what you can expect when you come for the shot after the big lines that we saw yesterday at Levi's.

LESLIE BRINKLEY: Take a look at these massive lines at Levi's stadium, a scene from sky 7. Santa Clara County scheduled 12,000 appointments on Thursday. On Friday, only 7,000 appointments. What a difference a day makes.

SUDEEP GONSALVES: I was expecting about two to three of us but when I came in, I was surprised to see that the wait time was not too long. I hardly waited for about 15 minutes.

MELISSA CLARKE: I got here right on time for my appointment which was at 11:15. And by 11:18, they had given me my first dose. And I was on my way to the observation waiting area.

- County Santa Clara for Levi Stadium.

LESLIE BRINKLEY: Easy to park, easy to check in for 16-year-old Ian Sheikhan.

- My mom made me.

- How are you doing?

- Good, how are you?

LESLIE BRINKLEY: Most of the people I talked to said they book their appointments just two or three days ago. The county has more than doubled its capacity.

Last week, they were only doling out 5,000 shots a day here. Now, they're ramping up to 10,000 or more a day eventually hoping to top $15,000 a day as the supply increases.

- Because then I can get to see more people, like people at school.

- Vaccines are also rolling out at pop-up clinics like this one at first day of Acts Full Gospel church in Oakland. They've got appointments over the weekend but they're taking walk-ups. Snagging an appointment online can be tedious work. That's why Ian's mom called in to the county to schedule.

EDITH EBRENO-CHACON: I know a lot of people that had a hard time making the appointment so I gave them the number that I had to make the appointment and they're all coming this week.

- Online, lots of people have come and had ranging from, "will I stand in line for three hours as I did for the first shot," to, "so, well organized. In and out in under an hour." Those who have gotten shot say come prepared for anything. In the South Bay, I'm Leslie Brinkley, ABC 7 News.